CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to participants and teachers-in-charge for SARAWAK YOUTH TALENT 2021.

All 18 out of 20 spots for Top 5 Winners & 15 Commended Posters are secured by students from SM Sains Kuching Utara.

The list of excellent students are as follows:

Top 5:

  1. Hadif Danial 2C3
  2. Maizan Hariah 5G3
  3. Ummi Syamimi 2C2
  4. Saifa Batrisyia 4N2
  5. Scherilyra Ensiring 5G2

Among 15 Commended Posters :

  1. Dayang Hani Haviha 2C2
  2. Muhammad Nasrallah 3D1
  3. Swennia Ija 2C2
  4. Nur Yasmeen 2C4
  5. Jacyntha Nurin 4N2
  6. Adilah Farhanah 3D1
  7. Murfiqah 4N3
  8. Zeti Zaihasya 2C2
  9. Norol Syifa Syafinaz 4N3
  10. Rohadatul Akma 2C3
  11. Lovenna Avril 4N2

Special Prize: Storytelling poster

  1. Damia Hazmi 2C5

We would like to congratulate the teachers-in-charge – Madam Noor Nui Nadia, Madam Eda Sie Chang Le and Miss Nur Aini, for facilitating the participants excellently thus serve as one of the contributors to our kids’ excellent achievements.

Once again, WELL DONE everyone! Let this be a catalyst for the whole SAKURA to do their best and to be the best in all fields, as a whole.


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